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Veterinary science boasts 100 percent vet school acceptance rate

Morehead State’s veterinary science program is preparing students for future success, with 100 percent of students who applied to veterinary schools being accepted this semester. 

Students accepted to the Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine were:
  • Ben Cornett, Whitesburg. 
  • Luke Trapp, Butler. 
  • Kendra Lynch, Pikeville. 
  • Mercedes Jordan, Olive Hill. 
  • Rachel Bixler, Lexington. 
  • Kaitlyn Spalding, Lebanon. 
Students accepted to the Lincoln Memorial University School of Veterinary Medicine were:
  • Alexis Scarlett, Pikeville. 
  • Dannah Diedrick, Beaver, Ohio. 
“Students in our vet science program take a heavy load of biology, chemistry, animal science and physics,” said Dr. Philip Prater, professor of veterinary technology. “The instructors in these programs provide challenging classroom interaction and our students are very well prepared for the rigor of a professional veterinary school program.”

Prater said only 15 to 20 percent of pre-vet students meet the requirements to go on to veterinary school and he’s proud of the hard work these students have put in. 

“I cannot put into words how proud I am of all of our veterinary college students that have graduated from MSU. I understand the road that they have taken because I walked that same road four decades ago and I completely understand what sacrifices they have made to achieve this goal,” Prater said. “To have a year where we had eight students apply and all eight were accepted is a testament to the sheer will power of these students. I am honored and humbled to be a small part of their training and thank all my colleagues in the MSU community for their outstanding level of instruction they provide for our vet science students.”

Prater added the past two years have seen a high rate of veterinary school acceptance from MSU. Last year, 18 students applied to veterinary schools and 16 were accepted. 

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