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W.H. Rice Family Scholarship Endowment established

Rice-Endowment-400-302.jpgThe Rice family has an extensive history with Morehead State University dating back to the 1930s when they first joined the Morehead community. Nearly a century later, those ties to the community still hold strong and to reinforce that relationship, Lucien Rice (56) has pledged $50,000 to establish the W.H. Rice Family Scholarship Endowment with the MSU Foundation Inc.  

After moving to Rowan County in 1931, Lucien’s father and mother settled into the community and started their family. His mother, Virginia Rice, was a home economics teacher at the Breckinridge Training School and an associate professor at MSU, then known as Morehead State College. His father, W.H. “Honie” Rice, served as the superintendent for buildings and grounds for nearly 40 years, serving under six University presidents. 
W.H. Rice worked with many of the individuals whose namesakes are found on various campus buildings and, most notably, with MSU’s seventh president Dr. Adron Doran. Because of Rice’s service during MSU’s most dramatic years of construction and change, he was honored posthumously with the 2015 Founders Award for University Service. The Rice Service Building on MSU’s campus bears his name. 

Growing up in Morehead, Lucien Rice attended the Breckinridge Training School and graduated in 1952. He continued his education at MSU, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. Following graduation, he began his 37-year-long career as a professional scouter with the Boy Scouts of America. His wife, Monta Carol Rice (61), also attended MSU, majored in music and later taught piano and voice for more than 30 years. She also worked in the public school system as a librarian and computer lab teacher. The two were married for 61 years until Carol’s passing in March of 2018. 

Lucien has enjoyed many honors and achievements over the years. During his time with the Boy Scouts of America, he was named Outstanding Professional Scouter of 1964. He also served as the president of the Morehead State University Alumni Association Board of Directors from 1965 through 1969 and was inducted into the MSU Alumni Association’s Alumni Hall of Fame in 1970. In 2010, Lucien was presented the George T. Young Award for his service to the Breckinridge School Society, where he formerly served as chair of the Society’s Board of Governors. He still serves on the board. 

Given the nature of the Rice family’s history with MSU, creating this endowment to support students was an easy decision for him. The scholarships provided by this endowment will be awarded to students with a history of dedication to community service, something the Rice family knows well. 

“My wife and I have always been Morehead supporters,” said Lucien. “Getting a four-year college degree without any financial help is a hard thing to do, so we thought if we can help students get their education, then that’s what we should do.”

This scholarship endowment was established as part of the Soar to New Heights Scholarship Campaign. For more information on this scholarship, or to establish your own, contact MSU’s Office of Alumni Relations and Development at 606-783-2033, email or visit
Photo: Lucien Rice presented a check to establish the W.H. Rice Scholarship Endowment. Pictured from left to right are Jim Shaw, MSU vice president for University Advancement; Mindy Highley, assistant vice president for alumni relations and development; Lucien Rice; Kenna Allen Gauche, alumni relations and development event coordinator; and MSU President Dr. Jay Morgan.