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Dr. John Curry named AECT conference co-planner

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) is arguably the top professional organization in the field of education technology – and one of Morehead State University’s own is responsible for putting on its biggest event. 

Dr. John Curry, associate professor of education at MSU, was selected as co-planner of the 2019 AECT International Convention, which takes place October 21 through October 25 in Las Vegas. 

Curry first became involved with AECT while earning his doctorate degree in instructional technology at Utah State University. He has been active with the organization for the past 20 years, serving in several leadership positions and currently serving on AECT’s board of directors. 

Curry said the convention’s theme, “Inspired. Inspired Professional Learning. Inspired Learning Professionals,” will involve more interactive professional development sessions and activities throughout the duration of the convention than relying on more of a lecture-based, guest speaker format. He said a lot of what he is implementing is what he likes to use when he is teaching students in MSU’s Doctor of Education program. 

“I think the real power in professional development in any field, in any education, really, doesn’t come from being talked at. It comes from an exchange of ideas,” he said. “The interactivity, hopefully, will increase their transfer (of knowledge) and engagement in taking the stuff back and implementing it.” 

For more information on MSU’s Doctor of Education program, contact the Department of Foundational and Graduate Studies Education at 606-783-2261, email or visit