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International student Binamrata Sharma found research opportunities and unexpected friends at MSU

sharma500px.jpgIn August of 2015, Binamarta Sharma left her home in Nepal and traveled to Kentucky to begin her studies at Morehead State University. Encouraged by her brother’s, Biswas Sharma (2015), high praise of the Department of Mathematics and Physics, she enrolled at MSU to pursue a double major in computer science and mathematics. Four years later, Sharma has completed all requirements to graduate and will walk across the stage to receive her diploma on May 11. Her journey to graduation has been filled with research opportunities and unexpected friends.  

Sharma currently works as an Undergraduate Research Fellow for the School of Engineering and Information Systems under Dr. Heba Elgazzar, instructor of computer science. She presented her research on content-based image retrieval at the 2018 Celebration of Student Scholarship and was awarded a certificate of merit. She credits her research mentor and department faculty as factors of her success.  

“The professors I’ve had here are phenomenal. They have helped me to pursue so much research and allowed me to take classes that weren’t even required by my degree.” 

The faculty are not the only individuals who have positively shaped Sharma’s experience at MSU. The local community members have played an important role in her acclimation to a new environment.   

“Morehead is very open about new cultures, new people. I've met local people that generally want to learn more about me. We exchange ideas and they welcome me into their lives,” said Sharma. “I wasn’t expecting that. Since I am foreign, I thought there would be this gap, this bridge, but it wasn’t so.” 

Her experience as a part of the international student program has led her to make friendships with individuals from all over the world. They share their stories and their cultures with one another. Each weekend, Sharma gathers with friends to cook a new dish to try. Even as friends graduate, she remains in touch with them. 

“I wasn’t expecting it to be this way,” said Sharma. “Even though there are more students from the surrounding regions, I have met international students. I've made lifelong friends from around the world, but Morehead is the common tie.” 

In describing her experience, Sharma said, “I was determined and excited to be an international student, never scared.” 

After graduation, Sharma will travel to New York to begin an internship as a software engineer for Bank of America.  

Additional information about the mathematics program is available by visiting, emailing or calling 606-783-2930. 

Additional information about the computer science program is available by visiting, emailing or calling 606-783-2418. 

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