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MSU Ed.D. candidate named to CK-12 think tank

Morehead State University has roots in training educators to make a positive impact in the Commonwealth and beyond. As technology continues to alter the landscape and possibilities of education, one of MSU’s own students will be leading that transition. 

Dr. Heather Morin (19), media specialist at Pine Grove Middle School in Valdosta, Georgia, who officially graduates this spring semester from MSU with an Ed.D. in educational technology leadership, was asked to participate in the CK-12 Foundation’s Future of Learning Summit in Palo Alto, California.  

The CK-12 Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides free and customizable K-12 open educational resources, such as online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards and real-world applications in a variety of subjects.  

Morin has always been interested in Open Educational Resources (OER), or instructional materials that are free to use, store, edit and share with other educators. After Morin used CK-12 to defend her senior capstone in January of this year, she was informed that she was invited to participate in the CK-12 think tank. 

“My level of excitement went through the roof when I learned that not only did they want me to attend, but they were willing to pay for all my travel expenses as well,” she said. “It was an incredible experience just learning more about their foundation, their new product features and networking with other educators who were integrating OER in place of traditional print textbooks.” 

Morin said her participation in this think tank only fueled her desire to utilize educational technology to move her students and her state into the future and potentially make traditional textbooks a thing of the past. 

“My hope is that I can use my experience and connections to help my school district become a #GoOpen district and eventually to help shape policy that will get the state of Georgia fully on board,” she said. “OER offers such wonderful opportunities to personalize instruction and they are definitely a resource worth investigating.” 

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