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MSU student travels to Guatemala for Pi Kappa Phi philanthropy trip

Students involved in Greek life at MSU prioritize service and take the time to help others in their local community – or in David Clover’s case, in another part of the world. 

Clover, a junior music education major from Louisville and a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, traveled to Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala, from March 17 through March 22, as part of his fraternity’s national philanthropy, the Ability Experience. This program helps organize events and camps and conducts community service projects for people with disabilities. 

During MSU Spring Break this year, Clover and some of his fellow fraternity brothers from across the nation traveled to the country to a special education school. Once there, they repainted the school and installed a concrete staircase in place of the makeshift ladder it was using to access the second floor.  

Clover said this was his first time leaving the country and he was amazed at the culture and the people of Guatemala. He rushed Pi Kappa Phi largely due to how his passion for taking care of people with disabilities (he said his sister is on the autism spectrum) matched up with the fraternity’s philanthropic priorities. He said he believes this will be the first of many adventures he may take to serve others. 

“After I got back from Guatemala, I was thinking, what is the next opportunity to do something that will be similar to this,” he said. “It immediately made me want to go back and help more and want to figure out what to do with my life and if I want to revolve my life around this.” 

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Photo: David Clover (pictured upper left wearing a ball cap and red bandana), a member of Pi Kappa Phi, joined his fraternity brothers from across the country to do a service project at the Special Education School at Adisa in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala, for the fraternity's national philanthropy, Ability Experience.