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MSU’s Cory Clark elected president of KABHE, receives multiple honors

As the minority academic service coordinator at the Eagle Diversity Education Center at Morehead State University, Cory Clark is always aiming to improve the academic and social environment for the underrepresented student population at MSU. Now, he will be tasked with trying to help African American students and professionals succeed in higher education across the state. 

Clark was recently elected president of the Kentucky Association of Blacks in Higher Education (KABHE) at the 36th Annual Conference “Staying Focused During Challenging Times” in Louisville this past month. During this event, he was also given the Wendall Thomas Award, presented in recognition of his endeavors to promote equal opportunity and the cause of African Americans in higher education, and the President’s Award, which is given to a member for their outstanding contributions and commitment to the organization.  
KABHE, which was founded in 1983 at the University of Kentucky, promotes the advancement of African Americans in higher education by articulating needs and concerns, promoting unity and cooperation, and enhancing the personal and professional growth of its membership. The organization works to assist Kentucky colleges and universities with the recruitment, retention and development of diverse faculty, staff and students while focusing on leadership, access and vital issues impacting higher education. It maintains its membership and participation as an affiliate with the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education. KABHE was patterned after the Kentucky Negro Educational Association, which was dissolved during the era of desegregation, to maintain and uphold the goals as the needs remain.  

Clark has been a member of KABHE since 2010 when he was a graduate student at Eastern Kentucky University on the way to earning his Master of Arts in Student Personnel Services in Higher Education. He said when he attended his first conference, it had a positive impact on him and helped him expand his own aspirations. 

“Going to a conference where you see all of these professionals of color and these administrators and these vice presidents and all these people in higher positions that look like me,” Clark said. “It was so eye-opening. It really, genuinely was.” 

Clark has held several positions with the organization, including northeast regional representative and vice president and believes his election as KABHE president is largely due to its members seeing his commitment to the organization’s mission and believing he can help lead them to a new level of success. 

“I think that people know I have a passion for this organization, and I think they see my hard work and involvement,” he said. “One of the biggest things is utilizing our platform and utilizing it for the greater good not just for blacks in higher education, but in higher education as a whole.” 

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