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Davison travels internationally for series of lectures

Dr. Scott A. Davison, professor of philosophy at Morehead State University, usually shares his extensive knowledge of philosophy with MSU students. This past summer, he was asked to share his research with audiences across the Atlantic.  

Davison was recently invited abroad as one of five speakers featured at the Pantheism/Panentheism Workshop held May 29 and 30 in Birmingham, England. He was the only speaker to come from an American university.  

Davison is also a senior scholar in the Abrahamic Reflections on Science and Religion Project, which is focused on providence and randomness in the natural world while including philosophers and scientists from around the globe working in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions. Information on the project is at  

As part of this three-year program funded by the Templeton Foundation, he also lectured at two different countries in Africa and the Middle East. He spoke on June 19 in Casablanca, Morocco, before traveling to the Dead Sea in Jordan to present on June 22. The papers Davison presented on these occasions are earmarked for publication as book chapters and journal articles.  

“It was a real honor to be invited to present my research at these international venues, alongside scholars from other parts of the world,” Davison said. “It is always amazing to experience a different culture in a different part of the world. I also made some new professional connections and new friends and answered a lot of questions about MSU.”  

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