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Simpson leads discussion at 2019 Strategic Broadening Seminar

Dr. Timothy Simpson, professor and department chair for MSU’s Department of Foundational Graduate Studies in Education, participated in the 2019 Strategic Broadening Seminar supported by the United States Army and hosted by the University of Louisville McConnell Center this past August.   

The McConnell Center’s Strategic Broadening Seminar is a 28-day residential leadership program designed for mid-career soldiers to take part in discussions, lectures and active-learning sessions with experts, local leaders and McConnell Scholars at the University of Louisville. The focus of the seminar includes issues such as national security, strategic issues in the international environment and leadership development. Participants engage in these topics through classes, readings and research projects.  

Simpson led a discussion of Plato’s “The Republic” related to human nature, education, democracy and leadership with soldiers.  

“I was delighted by my visit and classroom experience. The students were outstanding — eager, prepared, curious. I could not ask for more,” he said. “It warms my heart, knowing these are our current and future leaders of the Armed Services.”  

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