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Hall presents at 2019 KAHPERD Convention in Louisville

Adrienne Hall, a native of Olive Hill and a junior sport management major at MSU, recently presented her poster presentation at the 2019 Kentucky Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (KAHPERD) Convention in Louisville on Oct. 14.   

The title of her presentation, “A feasibility study of an online streaming service for Kentucky high school athletics,” was initially conceived in a sport marketing class taught by Dr. Steve Chen, professor of sport management. For the project assignment of creating a marketing plan for athletics at any level, Hall presented the idea of an online platform to mostly serve as a promotional tool for high school athletics in general and the specific aspects of Kentucky high school athletics, including services like online streaming of athletic events, online sports apparel shops and more general information like schedules and team rosters.  

“This idea derived from the observation that most Kentucky high school athletic webpages are directly linked with their academic pages. In addition, overall, they are not updated and maintained in an orderly way,” Hall said. “There is a market for my platform.”  

Following completion of the assignment and the course this past spring, Hall was given the opportunity to hold a position as an Undergraduate Research Assistant under Dr. Chen for Fall 2019, where she continued research with intentions to further investigate the feasibility and sustainability of this type of platform, which led to her presenting at the KAHPERD Convention.  

“Presenting at the 2019 KAHPERD Convention in Louisville was a great experience where I could share my ideas with individuals who were interested in stopping by my poster and giving me helpful feedback,” Hall said.  

Hall’s idea also led to her placing as a runner-up in the 2019 Business Pitch competition at MSU, where she was able to receive feedback from judges that helped guide her research. Hall has expressed an interest in pursuing sport marketing and promotions as a career path. Regardless of what Hall decides to do, her faculty mentor believes in her capabilities when it comes to achieving whatever goal lies in front of her.  

“It has been a great pleasure for me to work with Adrienne,” Chen said. “I am impressed by Adrienne’s multi-tasking skills and diligent work ethic. I am confident that she will bring a great impact to the recreation and athletic programs in her community after her graduation.”  

To learn more about MSU’s sport management program, contact the Elmer R. Smith College of Business and Technology at, 606-783-2174 or visit