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MSU one of eight Kentucky colleges awarded National Science Foundation’s EPSCoR grant

Morehead State University, along with six other Kentucky schools, is collaborating with the University of Kentucky (UK) on the Kentucky National Science Foundation’s (NSF) EPSCoR (Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) grant. Those institutions have been awarded a five-year, $24 million grant to support the fundamental science needed to advance next-generation manufacturing technologies, flexible electronics and robotics. The grant will also support the development of a greater STEM-literate workforce.   

The project is titled the Kentucky Advanced Partnership for Enhanced Robotics and Structures (KAMPERS) and will harness the collective research power of 40 multidisciplinary researchers from the eight Kentucky universities and colleges. These include MSU, UK, University of Louisville (UofL), Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky State University, Somerset Community College, Transylvania University and Western Kentucky University. Each of these institutions has developed niche areas of expertise to become leaders in next-generation manufacturing technologies.  

Dr. Kouroush Jenab and Dr. Jorge Ortega-Moody, both assistant professors of engineering and technology management at MSU, received $500,000 to develop the laboratory for training in Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) and Industrial Controls. The MSU research team includes one post-doctorate candidate, two graduate assistants and two Undergraduate Research Fellows, all supported by the grant.   

In next five years, the team will have a close collaboration with the UK and UofL research teams to develop testbed and modules in MSU’s 21st Century Center for Manufacturing Systems for the following priorities: industrial controls, condition-based maintenance, and sustainable advanced manufacturing theories; training modules/workshops for manufacturing technician workforce and K-12 summer program; outreach to advanced manufacturing; support advanced manufacturing entrepreneurs; and an augmented and virtual reality laboratory (AVRL) to simulate real behavior of industrial and manufacturing equipment, training in the areas of control, automation and electrical maintenance. As a result, this project will forge partnerships with industries and other stakeholders and prepare a well-trained workforce capable of meeting the needs of advanced manufacturing sectors in Kentucky and beyond.  

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