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MSU ranked safest campus in Kentucky

Morehead State has been ranked as the safest college campus in the state of Kentucky by the National Council for Home Safety and Security.  

The council compiled data from 490 college campuses across the country, looking at crime reports from local law enforcement and the FBI. The list considered two variables: crime rate and police adequacy. The complete list is available at  

MSU fosters an environment dedicated to the safety of our students and is consistently ranked among the safest campuses in the Commonwealth and the nation.

“Our main mission is the safety of the campus community and we exert all of our efforts with this in mind. Our officers do a great overall job of making this safe campus even safer,” said MSU Police Chief Merrell Harrison. “We are constantly trying to improve, to come up with innovative ways to improve campus safety. We also recognize our law enforcement partners in the community, including Morehead Police Department, Rowan County Sheriff’s Department, and Kentucky State Police. These agencies do a great job in their respective jurisdictions, which help to keep our campus safer.”  

The MSU Police Department (MSUPD) is staffed 24-7, 365 days a year, and offers numerous tools to keep the campus community safe, including a free after-hours shuttle service to transport students on and around campus at night. MSUPD provides weather and safety alerts via text and email and through the Live Safe smartphone app, students can report crimes and suspicious activity and contact police in the event of an emergency.  LiveSafe provides for emergency communication between the campus community and the police department. Harrison says the most important tool the police department has in keeping students safe is the students themselves. 

“Information sharing is the key to keeping our campus safe. With our safety app, LiveSafe, as well as other means of contacting us, we gather an abundance of important information from students and the rest of the campus community to enhance our operations further,” he said.  

More information about the MSUPD is available at or by calling 606-783-2035.