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MSU student makes appearance on ‘Undercover Boss’

Bailey RichardsonIt wasn’t Bailey Richardson’s first time taking a summer job when she wasn’t attending Morehead State University, but it was the first time her summer job resulted in her making an appearance on a popular CBS reality show.  

As a supervisor of food and beverage for Dippin’ Dots ice cream stands at the Kentucky Kingdom amusement park in her hometown of Louisville, the junior nursing major was recently featured on an episode of “Undercover Boss,” where Dippin’ Dots CEO Scott Walker went in disguise to visit Kentucky Kingdom’s Dippin’ Dots carts and the company’s production plant in Paducah.  

“The producers told me that we were filming for a documentary on buying a franchise of Dippin’ Dots. That ‘Brad’ (Walker’s fake name), a former welder, wanted to purchase a franchise. I kind of thought that they just wanted to make a documentary on all of the different aspects of Dippin’ Dots,” Richardson said. “I guess it was kind of weird to me that he wanted to go from welding to an ice cream company, but, hey, I wasn’t one to judge.”  

During the show, which aired on CBS on Jan. 22, Richardson talks about her background and how losing her older brother, Devin, to heart failure inspired her to become a nurse. She ultimately chose MSU due to its size, cost and beautiful “safe feeling” campus. Richardson feels like her experience in and out of the classroom has equipped her to make an impact in her field.  

“I think what has prepared me the most for life after college is, for one, making the choice of going away. I have learned so much being on my own these past three years,” she said. “I also think my professors have truly prepared me for what is to come in my career.”   

At the end of the show, when Walker revealed his identity to Richardson, he gave her $20,000 to use toward her schooling. He also provided a luxury vacation to Universal Studios Hollywood on Walker’s private jet for her and her family and offered $20,000 to establish the Devin Webb Foundation, a charity to raise money to battle heart disease.  

“The biggest thing to me that came from ‘Undercover Boss’ was the breath of fresh air it gave to me and my family. It seriously was the light at the end of the tunnel. My family has been through so much more than I even mentioned on the show. It was so nice to have something good happen after so much bad,” Richardson said. “It gave me hope and strength that I needed, me and my family.”  

The Dippin’ Dots episode of “Undercover Boss” is available through CBS All Access at  

For more information about MSU’s nursing programs, visit, email or call 606-783-2296. 

Photo, left: Dippin' Dots ice cream CEO Scott Walker (in disguise as "Brad") shadowing Baily Richardson, a junior nursing major at MSU, on an episode of the CBS reality show "Undercover Boss."