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Gender Studies Art, Media and Writing Contest open for submissions

The 16th Annual Judy Rogers Gender Studies Art, Media and Writing Contest is now open for submissions.  
The contest is named after Dr. Judy Rogers, former dean of undergraduate programs, who was an advocate for gender inclusiveness and a founding member of the interdisciplinary women’s studies program at Morehead State, a predecessor to the current gender studies program. 

The contest is open exclusively to MSU students and seeks submissions of writing, 2D and 3D art, digital art, mixed media art and film/video. Submissions of 2D art can be no larger than 30”x30”, and 3D submissions must have no dimension larger than 24”. Media submissions must be exhibit-ready and must include a label with the artist’s name, contact information and email. Writing submissions must be no longer than ten pages in length and must include a cover sheet with the author’s name, contact information and email. Submissions will be evaluated by members of the Gender Studies Leadership Team.  

Dr. Bernadette Barton, director of the gender studies program and professor of sociology, says the fields of gender studies and the arts interconnect in several ways. 

“Gender infuses all elements of social life, including, of course, the arts,” Barton said. “Individual identities affect the act of creation; thus, one’s sex, race, class, etc. informs one’s work. Also, artists use their work to educate or offer a message that allows the viewer to understand something in a new way.” 

Successful submissions will provide insights into gender studies in general and women’s issues in particular, within the context of American culture or the world at large. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, Feb. 25. Entries should be delivered to 355 Rader Hall or emailed to Barton at  

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: 
  • Performance/Video/Music: $100.  
  • Visual Arts: $100.  
  • Poetry: $50.  
  • Prose: $50.  
The contest is sponsored by the Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and the Gender Studies program.  

For more information on the gender studies program at MSU, visit, email Barton at or call 606-783-2710.