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MSU Career Services seeks internship nominations

Morehead State University’s Office of Career Services is seeking nominations for awards for MSU’s 2019 Student Intern of the Year, 2019 Internship Employer of the Year, and 2019 Internship Faculty Supervisor of the Year awards. Nominations must be received by Friday, March 13.  

“Career Services is excited to be able to recognize excellent faculty supervisors and employers who make these experiential education opportunities available to our students,” said Megan Boone, director of MSU’s Office of Career Services. “The students deserve recognition as well as they are making an impact for these employers. Internships are important for student success and we look forward to receiving some great nominations.”  

MSU students who had an internship, co-op, student-teaching experience, practicum or clinicals in the past year and have been considered an outstanding employee is eligible for the Student Intern of the Year Award. The selection committee evaluates the intern based on quality and quantity of work, interpersonal skills, oral and written communications, and other areas related to working in the field they have chosen. Employers and MSU departments are encouraged to nominate their interns for this award.    

Employers who have had an MSU student intern in the past year and has been considered a great employer may be nominated for the Internship Employer of the Year Award. The selection committee evaluates how well the intern felt trained and the quality of specific learning objectives set by the employer. We ask that students who have interned on-campus or off-campus consider nominating their employer for this award.    

Faculty who supported students’ experiential education during the past year and considered a great mentor might be nominated for the Internship Faculty Supervisor of the Year. The selection committee evaluates how the faculty devoted the extra effort or resources to prepare students for the experiential activity, collaborated in a way that complements class instruction and demonstrated commitment to student success.    

You can access all the nomination forms at  

To be considered for the award, please email a completed copy of nomination forms to Jacob Murphy at by Friday, March 13. The awards will be presented during the 15th Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship award ceremony on April 22.    

Additional information is available by contacting the Office of Career Services at 606-783-2233, or visiting