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MSU’s The Little Company presents ‘This is my Heart for You’ at SETC

In November 2019, The Little Company, MSU’s touring children’s theatre, presented author Silas House’s “This is My Heart for You” on campus and earlier this month in Prestonsburg and Pikeville. Now, the company will perform the production at the Fringe Festival at the South Eastern Theatre Conference (SETC) in Louisville at 11:15 p.m. Friday, Feb. 28.  

“This is My Heart for You” centers around a crisis of conscience that rocks the small Appalachian town of Troublesome. This causes a vivid cast of characters to examine their own beliefs, fears and prejudices during one hot and profound summer that will change them all.    

Octavia Biggs, director of The Little Company, is the director for the production and said the nature of the show required her and her fellow cast and crew members to portray a story that creatively tackles some challenging and often uncomfortable societal issues.     

“I want to offer a way to navigate difficult conversations while still respecting each other. So, educating and sharing the vocabulary needed to navigate those waters is crucial, and difficult,” Biggs said. “Breaking down barriers is tough, and a lot of times is not easy.”    

Despite the show’s struggles and challenges, Biggs said that working through this process with this young, large cast proved to be a highlight for her as a director.    

“I’ve been working with such a large group of people all working together to create a story that has an opportunity to offer voices to the voiceless,” she said. “I am surrounded by an amazing group of young people working on this show and that is why I love my job and love being a director. The opportunities to create work that is collaborative and cohesive.”    

The SETC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and membership organization serving a constituency reaching across 10 states in the southeast region (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia) and beyond. The Fringe Festival is the SETC’s showcase for one-person shows and experimental theatre to youth-centered productions and state festival runner-up performances.   

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