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MSU undergraduate research showcased at Posters-at-the-Capitol

Part of the reason Morehead State University is ranked as a Top 20 university in the South is its long-standing reputation for academic quality. This reputation is consistently reinforced through the institution’s emphasis on students participating in undergraduate research and that research showcased to a noteworthy audience with the 20th annual Posters-at-the-Capitol. The event was held Thursday, March 5, at the State Capitol in Frankfort.  

Posters-at-the-Capitol is an event hosted collaboratively by Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, Murray State University, Northern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville and Western Kentucky University. It provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to engage in scholarship, research and creative work that is important to their educational experience and professional development while allowing members of Kentucky’s legislature and the governor the opportunity to better understand the importance of undergraduate research.   

“Morehead State has a long history of support for undergraduate research that embraces faculty mentorship as a means of enhancing student engagement, retention and critical thinking skills,” said Dr. Michael Henson, associate vice president for research and dean of the MSU Graduate School. The annual Posters-at-the-Capitol event helps members of our legislature and the governor better understand the importance of involving undergraduates in this type of creative endeavor and we are always proud to showcase their efforts to the Commonwealth.” 

Student research presentations included 
  • Johnathan Miller Baird of Waverly; Dr. Joshua Qualls, professor of mathematical physics; “Quantum Coin Flipping.” 
  • Hannah Brewer of Pine Ridge; Dr. Robert D. Boram, professor of physics and science education, and Dr. Wilson Gonzalez-Espada, professor of physics and science education; STEM majors’ views of the teaching profession: Implications for the recruitment of secondary teachers in Kentucky. 
  • Sydney Brown of Olive Hill, Savannah Muse of Somerset, Megan Bailey of Morehead, Jorden Crowe of Versailles, Sydney Young of Hawesville and Vaness Jones of Olive Hill; Dr. Gregory Corso, psychology department chair; Over-­the-­Counter Package Modification Preferences Among Consumer."   
  • Dorian Cook of Edgewood; Dr. Lesia Lennex, professor of education," Constructed Learning in Elementary Mathematics.”  
  • Craigory Coppola of Danville; Dr. Heba Elgazzar, assistant professor of computer science; “Novel Machine Learning Algorithms for Centrality and Clique Detection in Social Networks."   
  • Anya M. Deaton of Alexandria, Lydia R. Deaton of Alexandria; Dr. John M. Farrar, “Root Cause Analysis and Method Development of Calorimetry Experiments."  
  • Lydia R. Deaton of Alexandria, Anya M. Deaton of Alexandria, Leanna Shelton of Vancleve, Haley Turner of Rowdy and Sheridan Combs of Hazard; Rachel Blackwell, professional development associate for 21st Century Education EnterpriseDr. Fatma Mohamed, associate professor of management; Dr. Ahmad Hassan, associate professor of management; Reclamation of Unused Coal Fields Through Bluegrass Adventures.” 
  • Jessica Hamm of South Vienna, Ohio; Johnathan Nelson, associate professor of management and associate dean of the School of Business Administration; “Learning from Ethical Failure: How Ethical Errors Can Contribute to Later Ethical Conduct."   
  • Vanessa Jones of Olive Hill, Mia F. Carman of Louisville and Reganne Miller of Carlisle; Dr. Greg Corso, professor of psychology; Secondary Tasks and Autonomous Vehicles.”  
  • Gabrielle Merrill of Maysville, Kaylee Trent of Campton, Brooke Young of Mt. Sterling, Stacey Crose of Clearfield and Kaitlyn Shannon of Clearfield; Dr. Mary White, associate professor of nursing; “1 Optimizing Mental Health Through Continual Assessment of Inpatients in Kentucky Hospitals: A Quality Improvement Project."   
  • Logan Evan Pennington of Falmouth, Belinda Candra-Bekasi of Indonesia and Kathryn Gallenstein of Winchester; Dr. Wilson Gonzalez-Espada, professor of physics and science education; “Can children and young adults read analog clocks? Misconceptions and conceptualization of rotational directionality notation."   
  • Travis C. Porter of Olive Hill; Dr. Kouroush Jenab, assistant professor of engineering and technology management; “Environmentally Conscious Industrial Renewable Energy Storage Design.” 
  • Allie Skaggs of Grayson and Brenton Anderson of Morehead; Dr. Cheng Cheng, assistant professor of engineering and technology management; “Development of an AC Electrokinetics Capacitive Sensing Platform for Rapid and Sensitive Bioparticles Detection." 
  • Chloe Spencer of Richmond; Dr. Lola Aagaard, professor of education; “Correlations Between Testosterone Indicators and Advanced Percussion Skill."   
  • Katlin Stumbo of Topmost and Noah Blevins of Webbville; Dr. Michael E. Fultz, professor of biology; “ExoLab: The Growth of Heat Tolerant Plants in Microgravity.”   
  • Colby Winters of Catlettsburg; Dr. Thomas G. Pannuti, professor of astrophysics and space scienceMulti-­Wavelength Investigations of the High Magnetic Field Pulsars J1809­1943, J1847­0130, and J1821­1419."  
  • Haylee Winters of Catlettsburg; Dr. Timothy Hare, professor of anthropology “The Effects of Erosion Structures on Triplett Creek from the Fall of 2016, 2017, and 2018. 
To learn more about MSU’s undergraduate research opportunities, contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 606-783-2010, email Dr. Henson at or visit 

Photo, left to right: Craft Academy students Haley Turner, Sheridan Combs, Leanna Shelton, Lydia Deaton and Anya Deaton displayed their research at Posters-at-the-Capitol in Frankfort.