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SGA delegation attends Rally for Higher Education

A delegation of 14 students from Morehead State’s Student Government Association (SGA) attended the Rally for Higher Education in Frankfort Thursday, Feb. 6, joining college students from across the Commonwealth in advocating for higher education issues.   

Among the topics students expressed concern about are pension costs, the performance funding model and asset preservation, among others. MSU SGA President Colby Birkes said Eagles who attended the rally are passionate about the value of higher education.  

“We are proof that students care, students vote, and students will not let Frankfort take our futures away,” Birkes said. “Everyone in the Commonwealth deserves the opportunity to receive a college education, and it is time that people stop treating it like that is not the case.”

Students began the day listening to student speakers at the Capitol Rotunda. Following the rally, each member of the delegation met with a member of the House of Representatives. The MSU delegation ended the day with a meeting with Senior Gubernatorial Advisor Rocky Adkins, MSU alumnus and the former house minority leader.

The MSU delegation had specific ideas about how the state could improve higher education across the state. The delegation suggested putting six to eight percent in new dollars into the performance-based funding model, renewing the one to two percent stop-loss provision, putting in $400 million over the next biennium for asset preservation and helping mitigate rising pension costs.   

For more information about SGA, visit, email or call 606-783-2071.  
Photo: Pictured left to right: Cameron Cook, political science major from Stanton; SGA Commuter Representative Andrew Sexton, senior from Morehead with a double major in Spanish and psychology; MSU Associate Director of Student Activities Shannon Colvin; SGA President Colby Birkes, senior political science and legal studies major from Winchester;  Senior Class Representative Luke Birkes, strategic communications major from Winchester; Senior Gubernatorial Advisor Rocky Adkins; SGA Executive Vice President Waco Bays, senior biomedical sciences major from Pikeville; SGA At-Large Senator Lyza Burlutska, sophomore from Kharkiv, Ukraine, majoring in pre-pharmacy; At-Large Senator Joe Gatton, sophomore accounting major from Owensboro; Ethan Wells, business management major from Elkhorn City; SGA Vice President for Administration Emily Wiley, senior from London majoring in agriculture and political science; Camryn Jury, legal studies major from Paris; and SGA Athletics representative Bryce Ward, freshman accounting major from Hurricane, West Virginia.