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MSU offers tuition discount for Kentucky schoolteachers

Beginning May 9, 2020, and for the next five years, MSU will be discounting graduate tuition on all 600-level courses within the Volgenau College of Education. The rate for the next five years will be the same as the University’s undergraduate tuition rate, which is currently $374 per credit hour.   

MSU offers easy admission and transfer of credit to MSU, as well as online courses and programs for ease of completion.  

"As part of our Commitment to the Commonwealth, MSU is proud to honor Kentucky’s educators for their service,” said MSU President Dr. Jay Morgan. “We recognize that these times are unprecedented and challenging for all of us, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing affordable access to high quality academic programs. MSU has a long, proud history of educating teachers. We were founded as Morehead Normal School and later became Morehead Teachers College before earning university status. We are educators, and we celebrate educators at all levels. 

For more details on the reduced tuition, as well as information on graduate and certification programs offered by the Volgenau College of Education, visit 

To learn more about MSU’s Commitment to the Commonwealth, visit