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College of Science announces academic award honorees

Morehead State’s College of Science has announced its academic award winners for the 2019-20 school year.   

Each year, one student from each major in the college is recognized for outstanding academic achievement.   

Honorees from the Department of Agricultural Sciences are:   
  • Adam Cox from Waddy, plant science
  • Brannan Hamm from Paris, agribusiness  
  • Alexa Nelko from Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, veterinary technology bachelor’s program  
  • Malinda Porter from Oil Springs, outstanding agricultural science student  
  • MaKayla Rose from Olive Hill, agriculture education
  • Zachary Stirn from West Harrison, Indiana, animal/equine science  
  • Kate Webb form Morehead, pre-veterinary science
  • Lydia Wills form Independence, veterinary technology associate program

Honorees from the Department of Biology and Chemistry are:  
  • Amina Anwar from Nicholasville, pre-medicine
  • Jacob Bingham from Hindman, pre-physician assistant  
  • Kelsey Bolen from Stambaugh, pre-physical therapy  
  • Cory Edwards from Chesapeake, Ohio, biomedical chemistry
  • Cassidy Lacey from Williamstown, biology
  • Charli McClay from Lucasville, Ohio, biology teaching
  • Rebecca Mikula from Savannah, Missouri, chemistry
  • Steven Moore from Lovely, pre-dentistry
  • Sarah Purdy from Morehead, biomedical sciences
  • Tyler Sullivan from Belcher, pre-pharmacy

Honorees from the Department of Kinesiology, Health and Imaging Sciences are:   
  • Samantha Duvall from Olive Hill, radiologic science
  • Haley Frizzell from Salt Lick, respiratory care
  • Gavin Goeltz from Hudson, Wisconsin, kinesiology, health, and imaging sciences graduate  
  • Blake Harrison from Irvine, computed tomography/magnetic resonance  
  • Megan Sharp from Stafford, Virginia, health and physical education  
  • Thomas Sonafrank from Pinnacle, North Carolina, leadership in medical imaging  
  • Courtney Stack from Muskego, Wisconsin, health promotion  
  • Rebecca Watts from Lost Creek, exercise science  
  • Summer Westlund from Lexington, diagnostic medical sonography

Honorees from the Department of Mathematics are:  
  • Alexis Krumpleman from Covington, Department of Mathematics Thomas Edward Fouch Prize for Excellence in Mathematics and Mathematics Award
  • Madeline Morgan from Crittenden, mathematics teaching 

Honorees from the Department of Nursing are:   
  • Baylee Akers from Salt Lick, associate degree nursing first-level
  • Sarah Arnett from Mt. Sterling, associate degree nursing second-level  
  • Casey Bently from Garrison, post-licensure first-level baccalaureate  
  • Rachel Cole from Oil Springs, Master of Science in Nursing second-level  
  • Abigail Gillispie from Grayson, baccalaureate nursing program, junior-level pre-licensure  
  • Joshua Perry from Inez, post-licensure second-level baccalaureate  
  • Heather Pick from Ashland, Master of Science in Nursing first-level  
  • Rebecca Werring from Williamsburg, Ohio, baccalaureate nursing program, sophomore-level pre-licensure  
  • Madeline Wilson from Lawrenceburg, baccalaureate nursing program, senior-level pre-licensure

Honorees from the Department of Physics, Earth Science and Space Systems Engineering are:   
  • Madison Howard from Hazard, physics  
  • Sean McNeil from Morehead, space systems engineering graduate student  
  • Emily Newsome from Kite, space systems engineering undergraduate student  
  • Russel Rogers from Clearfield, geology 

Honorees from the Department of Psychology are:  
  • Katherine Boyd from Lexington, junior neuroscience  
  • Georgia Cali Clark from Princeton, Outstanding undergraduate and senior neuroscience
  • Ashley Hamm from Winchester, clinical psychology graduate program  
  • Jessica Hamm from South Vienna, Ohio, junior psychology  
  • Abigail Mohr from Winchester, senior psychology  
  • Rachel Turner from Crestwood, sophomore psychology  
  • Brianna Williams from Grayson, sophomore neuroscience  

Honorees from the UK-PA Physician Assistant Program are:  
  • Tabitha Martin from Stanton, physician assistant graduate program  

For more information about programs in Morehead State’s College of Science, visit, email or call 606-783-2158.