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Eighteen students earn Adobe Certification

Eighteen Morehead State students earned Adobe Certifications during the spring semester.  

This semester’s results are as follows:  
  •  Four students earned certification in Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop.  
  • Seven students were certified in Graphic Design and Illustration using Adobe Illustrator.  
  • Three students earned certification in Print and Digital Publication using Adobe InDesign.  
  • One student was certified in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects CC 2018.  
  • Three students earned certification as a Graphic Design Specialist. The certification is obtained by a student who has passed the Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop exams.   
  • MarTisse Dapre Andrews, a senior from Lexington, had MSU’s top score on Adobe Certification exams. He earned his certification in Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop.   
“Our students deserve a very big ‘congratulations’ for all of the hard work that went into this achievement. Never does that statement ring truer than this term,” said Tony Glover, IT services coordinator, tech liaison and certification program coordinator. “The difficult nature/changes the COVID-19 crisis has placed on students and educators alike presented new challenges on how to continue their education online in these extraordinary times. Our students had to overcome the transition from face-to-face classes to online instruction only, poor internet service in a lot of areas, getting the required Adobe Software installed, no practice exams were offered to strengthen skills, and taking the actual certification exam on a virtual PC, not on the Mac platform they are used to using. Yet they still succeed with all of these factors stacked against them.”  

“The certifications earned this semester truly reinforce the fact that MSU’s continued commitment to quality education and career readiness in digital media is working.”    

For more information about the Digital Media and Technology Certification program at MSU, visit, contact Glover at or call 783-9338.