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MSU academic advisors celebrate Global Advising Week

Morehead State University’s academic advisors and degree completion coaches with the Office of Retention and Academic Advising are celebrating Global Advising Week with the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

To honor the 40th anniversary of NACADA and celebrate the academic advising profession, NACADA has established Global Advising Week, which will be held this week through May 9.   

In addition to degree completion coaches and advisors with MSU's Eagle Success Program, each college at MSU houses an Academic Advising Center.

MSU academic advisors and degree completion coaches are:

MSU Academic Advisors Picture

Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Farrah Baldwin 
  • Amanda Hogge  
  • Cindy Jent 

College of Science

  • Marlene Blankenbuehler  
  • Annelle Lord  
  • Barbara Spencer 
<h2">Elmer R. Smith College of Business and Technolog
  • Lauren Jordan  
  • Laura King  
  • Laura Rucker  
  • Lexius Yarbrough  

Ernst & Sara Lane Volgenau College of Education

  • Risa Boyd  
  • Tina Stevens  

Eagle Success Program

  • Steve Crail  
  • Craig Dennis  

Degree Completion Coaches

  • Topaz Butler  
  • Jana Fife  
One of the many reasons MSU consistently ranks as one of the top regional public universities in the South is its commitment to student success. MSU’s academic advising team exemplifies this dedication as they use their skills and experience to help students realize their full potential. Incoming first-year students are assigned a professional academic advisor who  them. Each advisor is an essential retention agent for MSU.

“The advising staff at MSU are top-notch professionals. They are a fantastic group of individuals who dedicate their energies to the overall success of our students,” said Michelle Barber, director of retention and academic advising. “Their knowledge base is unparalleled, and students benefit greatly from their guidance and support.”   

To learn more about advising, tutoring and other student success resources, call 606-783-2084, email visit  
Picture: MSU’s academic advisors and degree completion coaches are participating in NACADA’s Global Advising Week. Pictured are (1) Tina Stephens, (2) Marlene Blankenbuehler, (3) Lexius Yarbrough, (4) Laura King, (5) Risa Boyd, (6) Amanda Hogge, (7) Craig Dennis, (8) Lauren Jordan, (9) Laura Rucker, (10) Topaz Butler, (11) Annelle Lord, (12) Barbara Spencer, and (13) Jana Fife.