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MSU Career Services partners with Parker Dewey to offer micro-internships

Morehead State University’s Office of Career Services realizes the value of students’ gaining experience in their field of study through hands-on experiences with employers. Now, there is a new opportunity available to MSU students and alumni to obtain meaningful job experience and receive compensation for their work.  

MSU has partnered with Chicago-based Parker Dewey, which offers a platform to connect current students with a diverse network of employers, to provide micro-internships for MSU students. Micro-internships are professional, paid, short-term assignments that occur in a mostly virtual setting. These opportunities typically range in length from five to 40 hours of work. This new partnership complements existing campus recruiting efforts and full-semester internships, which continue to be available to students. These opportunities can be a beneficial way for students to keep their skills sharp and gain experience to leverage for a future opportunity, especially in the current economic climate.  

“In support of the Commonwealth’s overall efforts to mitigate the risk and spread of the novel coronavirus, our office developed this partnership to ensure our students have opportunities to gain the hands-on experience employers are seeking from the safety of their homes,” said Megan Boone, director of career services. “Additionally, the varied experiences available through Parker Dewey will allow students who are still exploring careers, to try out a variety of fields in a low-risk manner.”  

Alumni, community businesses and employers are invited to create micro-internships for Morehead State University students by developing short-term projects that provide experiential learning opportunities and build relevant skills.  

To take advantage of this incredible resource, visit Morehead State University’s Parker Dewey page at 

If you have additional questions, contact the Office of Career Services at 606-783-2233, or visit