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MSU receives high marks by ETC for COVID-19 response

While the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many significant changes to colleges and universities, Morehead State University has garnered praise for its response to these challenging times.  

Educate To Career (ETC) ranked MSU in its College Rankings Results for the COVID-19 Economic Crisis. It earned the distinction of being declared a Tier 1 institution. It is among 1,200 institutions ranked by their ability to offer a quality education under any conceivable scenario, including in-classroom, online and a hybrid format that includes both forms of instruction.   

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In addition to institutions having a minimum of three years delivering online curriculum, Tier 1 distinction is earned through the following criteria: 

  • A physical campus for in-classroom instruction barring health authorities allowing colleges to re-open in September. 
  • Software and system capabilities to support distance learning programs.
  • Faculty experienced in teaching online. 
  • Reasonable tuition and fees on a relative basis.  

Founded in 2013, Educate To Career is a nonprofit organization. It is a leading resource for educational attainment, outcomes-based personalized college and career planning, and related financial planning, data and programs in the U.S. The COVID-19 pandemic changed ETC’s college selection criteria, making “distance learning” a mandatory component for a high ranking. Schools with experience in distance learning, the ability to support in-classroom teaching and reasonable tuition costs are primary considerations.  

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