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MSU students complete internships with Kentucky Legislative Research Commission

Morehead State University alumna Amethyst Muncy (20) and senior Nick Anderson have both taken an important step in their respective pursuits of careers in the field of law. They completed internships through the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission’s (LRC) Legislative Intern Program this spring.  

LRC’s Legislative Intern Program allows qualified college students to gain knowledge of the legislative process and the creation of public policy through hands-on experience and various internship assignments. The 2020 program, originally scheduled to run from January through April, allows students to work with Legislative Research Commission nonpartisan staff and members of the Kentucky General Assembly.  

Amethyst Munch PictureMuncy, a native of Louisa, just graduated with a degree in legal studies with a minor in Spanish. As a student at MSU, she scored the highest score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) in MSU’s history, testing in the 97th percentile. She was a member of the Societas Pro Legibus and volunteered at the Pro Se Divorce Clinic in Morehead.   

Muncy was accepted with a scholarship to the University of California – Berkeley, which ranked 9th in the country by U.S. News & World Report. She aspires to work as a civil rights or immigration lawyer.  

“I think the legal studies program definitely makes you ready for law school because it teaches you how to be a paralegal,” Muncy said. “I’ve basically taken all the classes I’m going to take my first year. All my professors taught me really well, so I think I will do really well in law school.”  

Nick Anderson PictureAnderson is a senior double-major in political science and legal studies from Morehead. He was a member of the 2018 MSU Homecoming Court. Anderson previously completed a five-week internship for Canadian Parliament Member Shaun Chen of the Scarborough North region, where he assisted in correspondence with Chen’s diverse constituency comprised of citizens originally from the Middle East, China and South Asia.   

Anderson was chosen to serve as an intern with the House and Senate Judiciary Committee in Frankfort. He said that while the internship was cut short due to COVID-19, the scope of topics the committee covered, along with the nonpartisan nature of the internship, was a unique and beneficial experience.   

“From early January to mid-March, I was fortunate to be a gear in the clockwork of the 2020 legislative process,” Anderson said. “The breadth of subject matter most benefitted me as a student and as someone hoping to attend law school, for it opened my eyes to the immense scope of the law and how it impacts almost every aspect of our daily lives.”  

Morehead State University has been named one of the Top 25 Most Affordable Bachelor’s in Legal Studies for 2020 by Great Value Colleges ( MSU’s legal studies program was also ranked 12th out of the top 25 legal studies programs by    

To learn more about MSU’s Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies, contact the Department of History, Philosophy, Politics, Global Studies and Legal Studies at, call 606-783-2655 or visit