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Patti Caudill Wood Scholarship established; first recipient announced

Riley Hall PictureThe Morehead State University Foundation has announced the establishment of the Patti Caudill Wood Scholarship, a fund to benefit Morehead State University students. The scholarship's first recipient is Riley Hall, a graduate of Rowan County Senior High School. She is a nursing major with career goals to become a certified nurse-midwife.   

“I've never known if I would be able to attend college due to the financial hardships that my family has fought through,” Hall said. “Because of this, I have always strived to succeed in my education so that I could take care of my own family one day. This scholarship serves as many things for me, some of those being reassurance and comfort, but perhaps most importantly as a sense of hope for my future.” 

The scholarship was established by Patti Caudill Wood. Wood is a proud supporter of MSU and the surrounding community. To show her support and pride in MSU, and in the light of COVID-19 pandemic taking an incredible toll on the medical community, she has established this annual scholarship to support graduates of Rowan County Senior High School who are pursuing a degree in a medical field at MSU.  

"I have known for a while I wanted to create a scholarship at MSU, but current events inspired me to expand my plans. During this pandemic, those in the medical profession have been on the frontlines every day," Wood said. "From doctors and nurses to technicians and office staff, they're all showing up and doing what we need them to do. I wanted to give back to support students who have an interest in following in those footsteps someday."   

The scholarship recipient must be a graduate of Rowan County Senior High School who is an incoming freshman majoring in an area relating to a medical field. The scholarship is renewable until the recipient's fourth year of undergraduate study if a 3.0 GPA and full-time status are maintained.  

Students interested in applying to this scholarship, along with other privately funded scholarships managed by the MSU Foundation, should visit the online scholarship application at      

For more information on this scholarship, or to establish your own, contact MSU's Office of Alumni Relations and Development at 606-783-2033, email or visit