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MSU Social Work graduates join essential front line work in Kentucky child welfare

Several graduates of Morehead State’s Social Work program have joined the workforce providing vital services for the Kentucky children and have earned a valuable certification.   

The Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP) was implemented by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and undergraduate social work programs to better serve the children and families in Kentucky. The goal of the program is to fill the ranks of child welfare workers with the most competent and well-trained workers. They can provide high-quality services immediately following graduation. Students in the program receive full-tuition scholarships and stipends during the pursuit of their Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree. They also complete 500 hours of service learning and other training in the field of child welfare.  

Immediately upon graduation they are employed a minimum of two years with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services in the field of child welfare. Many previous graduates have gone on to devote their careers to child welfare and are now in leadership roles.  

“The education, training and hands-on experience that I received from the Public Child Welfare Certification Program was invaluable when I started my career with Child Protection over 19 years ago,” said MSU alumna Anastasia Fannin (02), who now serves as a service region administrator associate with the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services.  

“I am impressed with the dedication these graduates put into going above and beyond an already rigorous academic program to prepare for the complex and evolving field of child welfare, and their heartfelt commitment to make a difference in the lives of families and children in the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” said Dr. Lynn Geurin, associate professor of social work and PCWCP coordinator.  

PCWCP graduates from Morehead State for 2019-20 are:  
  • Adrianna Blackburn, Prestonsburg   
  • Chandra Burnett, Georgetown    
  • Allison Colegrove, Ashland  
  • Amanda Craft, Salyersville   
  • Lori Ann Dobson, Shepherdsville   
  • Breonna Hocker, Lancaster    
  • Brittany Justice, Prestonsburg   
  • Alexis Rigsby, Ashland  

For more information about the Public Child Welfare Certification Program at MSU, please contact Dr. Lynn Geurin at    

For information on the Social Work program at MSU, visit, email Becky Davison, BSW program director, at  or call 606-783-2446.
Photo: Graduates from MSU's Social Work program also received certification from the Public Child Welfare Certification Program.