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Student safety and health are top priorities through Healthy at MSU initiatives

Fall is an exciting time at Morehead State University as we welcome both new and returning students to campus for the fall semester. We know that due to COVID-19, this semester will be a different experience, but it will also be a safe one thanks to our Healthy at MSU initiatives.  

We are a medium-sized campus and very personally connected, and we believe that this will serve us well from an overall return to campus. Additionally, our University has beautiful green space and a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, etc. for your outdoor enjoyment.   

As you begin your fall semester, you will see that we are implementing many precautionary “layers” to assist in our goal to have a healthy environment:  

  • We require face coverings/masks in all campus buildings, except while you are in your residence hall room. You will see signage throughout campus about this requirement when you return.   
  • We have signs, markers, and other messaging around campus noting social distancing.   
  • We have decreased the overall occupancy of those living on campus in residence halls.   
  • We have reduced the number of students in our face-to-face classes.   
  • We are offering about 1/3 of our courses online and many more in a hybrid format.   
  • We will open campus food courts for take-out and we are installing outdoor eating areas.   
  • We will cooperate with St. Claire HealthCare, which almost borders our campus, to provide COVID-19 testing.   
  • We have hired additional health care professionals to assist us with student case management and to support our local health department with contact tracing.   
  • We will be utilizing our nurses to randomly take temperatures on campus.   
  • We have created a Rapid Response Team of qualified individuals to assist in quickly addressing any COVID-19 student cases or other health issues.   
  • Each student will receive a care kit to assist you in monitoring your health (sanitizer, thermometer, complimentary mask). These will be available in your residence hall during check-in and in various locations around campus the first few days of classes for those who do not reside on campus.  

For additional information on MSU safety precautions, COVID-19 testing, FAQs and more, visit