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Eagle Impact initiative aims to increase voter awareness

Morehead State athletes are working to raise awareness and increase participation in the upcoming November election thanks to the Eagle Impact initiative.  

The idea developed after student-athletes reached out to the administration, expressing an interest in being more engaged in social issues.   

“After discussions with representatives from all of our teams a few initiatives were identified categorized in four areas: support, educate, promote, act,” said Matt Schabert, MSU Athletics media relations director. “Our goal is to provide our students support as they strive to make a positive impact on their campus, local, and hometown communities.”  

The initiative is a joint effort of Eagle Athletics, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), MSU and the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC). All OVC schools are coordinating their efforts as part of the OVC for Change campaign.    

Athletes will raise awareness and encourage more students to register and vote in the election by encouraging all those eligible to register to vote, along with a voter education campaign to help newly registered voters make informed choices. Other planned activities include:  
  • Celebration of diversity throughout the year during home events, student-athlete spotlights, and informational programming.  
  • Discussion groups to share personal stories and learn about different experiences.  
  • Supporting established university programming promoting diversity and inclusion.  
  • Engaging in civic activities.  
“Our top priority as an athletic department is to educate and develop our student-athletes,” Schabert said. “We are proud of the active role our students are playing in making a difference.”  

To learn more about the Eagle Impact initiative, visit