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MSU’s Tutoring and Learning Center goes virtual to help Eagles succeed

Morehead State University’s Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) has always provided cost-free assistance in various subjects to help students improve and excel. While the services TLC offers may look a bit different for the 2020-21 academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the commitment to student success remains the same.  

“Every TLC tutor is a powerful retention agent for MSU,” said Hunter Chandler, coordinator of tutoring services at TLC. “The tutors establish a wonderful learning community where friendships, academic accountability and learning flourish.”  

When MSU had to switch to an online-only curriculum back in March 2020, the Tutoring and Learning Center quickly pivoted to online tutoring since it provided virtual tutoring for online, regional and dual-credit students. Using WebEx, tutors were able to connect with students from Eastern Kentucky to Tokyo, Japan. When internet accessibility was an issue, TLC met students’ needs however and whenever possible. The TLC expanded its services to emailing, texting or other messaging platforms while adjusting platforms to ensure that tutoring services reached students.   

The TLC and the Mathematics Learning and Testing Center in the Department of Mathematics also partnered to increase the number of tutors available to assist in mathematics courses.   

“Transitioning from traditional blackboard mathematics to an online environment was challenging for students, but the pedagogical skillset of the mathematics faculty and the partnership between Centers fueled the success of the students,” Chandler said.    

Hunter Chandler was recently able to share his experience with successfully online tutoring during a global pandemic for others in his field. His essay highlighting the challenges of COVID-19 and the innovations that came out from it was ran in a special issue in the Learning Assistance Review, a peer-reviewed academic journal published through the National College Learning Center Association. 

For the Fall 2020 semester, the Tutoring and Learning Center continues to provide a safe and healthy tutoring experience online. Tutors continue to utilize WebEx for tutoring while creatively engaging with their students through an active learning experience, like using an online whiteboard commonly used for STEM courses so students and tutors may collaborate during the appointment.   

“Online learning changes the time management, study skills and notetaking environment, so the Tutoring and Learning Center provides time management, study, and notetaking skills-building appointments to help our Eagles continue to soar,” Chandler said.   

To learn more about MSU’s Tutoring and Learning Center to schedule an online appointment, visit, call 606-783-2034 or email Chandler at