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Appalachian Horse Revival 2020 Canceled

Appalachian Horse Revival logoMorehead State’s 2020 Appalachian Horse Revival has been canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Last year’s inaugural event drew hundreds of equine enthusiasts from all over the world. The one-of-a-kind event featured dozens of horse breeds native to Kentucky and Appalachia, including Kentucky Mountain Saddle, Paso Fino, Smokey Valley, Tennessee Walking, Rocky Mountain and Spotted Saddle horses. MSU has hosted horse shows since 1966, but this was the first to feature this variety of breeds in competition for the “King of the Mountain Grand Champion” title.  In addition to the nearly 100 equestrian competitions, the show also featured a vendor fair and live music. 

“We are excited for the next opportunity to host this unique event,” said MSU Farm Manager Joe Fraley. “Our intention is to host it again in spring 2021 on Memorial Day weekend. We appreciate the continued support of the equestrian community and our sponsors.”

Those who have made donations to the 2020 horse show should contact the Department of Agricultural Sciences to hold the funds for the spring show or to make other arrangements. 

For information about equestrian programs at MSU, visit, email  or call 606-783-2662.