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MSU’s Winter Sessions allow students to get ahead during winter break

MSU Winter Session 2020 DatesMorehead State University is once again providing students with an opportunity to pick up a few extra credit hours during winter break.   

Since MSU’s fall semester will end on Nov. 24, MSU’s Winter Sessions will occur during two different time frames.   

Winter Session 2020 will take place from Dec. 14, 2020, through Jan. 8, 2021. There will also be an extended Winter Session II that will occur from Dec. 3, 2020, through Jan. 8, 2021. This year, winter sessions will include both online and hybrid course delivery.  

Winter Sessions provide current MSU students, new MSU students or students visiting from another institution an affordable and convenient way to take advantage of MSU’s high-quality academic programs.  

For more information about MSU’s Winter Sessions, including application and course information, resources and FAQs, visit