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Miller receives AECT James W. Brown Publication Award

Dr. Christopher Miller PictureDr. Christopher T. Miller (94), professor of education for Morehead State University’s Ernst & Sara Lane Volgenau College of Education and director of MSU at Mt. Sterling, is one of two professors to receive the James W. Brown Publication Award from the Association for Educational Communications (AECT). He and co-author Dr. Anthony A. Piña, associate provost for instruction and online learning and distinguished lecturer at Sullivan University, both received the award for their 2019 book, “Lessons in Leadership in the Field of Educational Technology” published by Springer Publishing.  

According to the publisher, the book focuses on sharing the lessons learned by leaders in the field on how they became a leader and what leadership means. The primary contributions address three central questions:   

  • What is your story about how you became a leader?   
  • What lessons have you learned about being an effective leader?   
  • What advice would you give others to become a leader?     

Additionally, the book spotlights the impact that past leaders have had on current leaders and upon the field of educational technology.  

This award honors James W. Brown, past president of AECT, to recognize the author(s) of an outstanding publication in the field of educational technology. Miller and Piña received the James W. Brown Publication Award at the AECT Annual International Convention, held virtually November 2-7. This is also where Miller received the AECT Presidential Award, which acknowledged his contributions and works to the organization and the field at large.  

The book is available at    

For more information, contact Miller at or 606-783-2855.  

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