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MSU education professor publishes article in peer-reviewed journal

Dr. Christopher Beckham PictureDr. Christopher Beckham, assistant professor of education in Morehead State University’s Ernst & Sara Lane Volgenau College of Education, recently published an article in the latest issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal “Critical Questions in Education.”   

Beckham’s article, “Beyond College and Career Readiness: Education’s Broader Purposes,” argues that emphasizing “college and career-readiness” as the primary goal of public education is too narrow a purpose for education and, if pursued exclusively, may deprive students of the problem-solving skills they need to live well-adjusted, flourishing lives. He concludes education in and through the liberal arts remains an essential and effective way to educate students for “the real world.”   

“Critical Questions in Education,” sponsored by the Academy for Educational Studies (AES), addresses educational policy and practice issues for educators at all levels.  

Beckham is a life-long Kentucky resident who has taught at the university level since 1997. He has various research interests ranging from the history of education and higher education to educational reform, politics and philosophy of education.   

Beckham has served on many committees at the department, college and university level, including the General Education Council, First Year Seminar Committee, Teacher Education Council and the Research and Creative Productions Committee. MSU recently honored him as the 2020 recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Service Award.  

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