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MSU Senior Medicare Patrol to host webinar

MSU Senior Medicare Patrol will host a Medicare webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 10:30 a.m. via WebEx.   

The virtual event is designed for Anthem HMO Medicare Advantage Plan members. Helisha Tuerk, MSU Senior Corps program coordinator, will present information about how to avoid Medicare scams, Sherri Hoffman, Rochelle Lee and Felicia Reynolds, health promotion consultants with Anthem Medicare, will discuss current HMO benefits.   

Tuerk said the webinar will provide participants with information they can trust.   

“Our members are extremely skeptical about phone calls and mailings, especially with COVID scams and multiple election calls, so I think they will be very appreciative of this information,” said Tuerk. “The additional knowledge will empower them to protect themselves from scammers.”   

Anthem Medicare HMO Advantage Plan members will be mailed a flier with information about the webinar, including registration information. For more information about the webinar, contact Tuerk at   

For more information about MSU’s Senior Medicare Patrol program, visit, email or call 606-783-2085.