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Regents and Audit Committee to meet March 25

Morehead State's Board of Regents and the Audit Committee will meet Thursday, March 25, at MSU at Mt. Sterling.   

The MSU Audit Committee will meet at 9 a.m. The committee will vote on an auditing firm's appointment and price and approve the minimum scope of the annual audit to end June 30, 2021. They will also vote to accept the 2019-20 NCAA Agreed Upon Procedures Report and WMKY-FM audit. The committee will hear a status report on internal audits from Internal Auditor Cynthia Hunt.   

The full Board of Regents will meet at 9:30 a.m. The board will vote to approve the Audit Committee's decisions on the auditing firm and price, the minimum scope of the annual audit, the NCAA Agreed Upon Procedures Report and the WMKY-FM audit. They will also vote to approve tenure and tenure with promotions, approve sabbatical leave, and approve 2021-22 housing rates.  

The board will also:  
  • Vote to accept the quarterly financial report and ratify the amended operating budget.  
  • Vote to approve faculty and staff compensation plans.  
  • Vote to approve the 2022-28 six-year operating plan.  
  • Hear updates from MSU President Dr. Jay Morgan on education-related legislative action and the current fiscal year's finances.   
All guests are asked to wear a mask and follow proper safety protocols. Disposable masks will be provided for those that need them. 

For more information or to view the full meeting agenda, visit