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Reganne Miller gains recognition and experience through MSU’s Honors Program

Reganne Miller PictureGrowing up in Carlisle, Kentucky, Reganne Miller knew she wanted to feel like a part of the community when she went off to college.  

At Morehead State University, she found two: The MSU campus community and a smaller community as a student in the George M. Luckey, Jr. Academic Honors Program.  

"I come from a very small town where everybody knows everybody. I knew that I wanted to stay in the same sort of environment as I moved on to college. I chose MSU because of the community that surrounds it," Miller said. "When I learned about the George M. Luckey Academic Honors Program scholarship, it seemed like the perfect fit for me. Not only am I part of a community at MSU, but I am also part of the wonderful community that the Honors Program provides."  

Miller is a senior psychology major minoring in mathematics. She said the mentorship of upper-level Academic Honors Program students and program director Dr. Philip Krummrich have been highly beneficial to her academic development.   

The Honors Program has also provided Miller with unique professional opportunities. She participated in a virtual fall session of the Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP) with the Naval Air Warfare Center/Training Systems Division in Orlando, Florida, where she helped conduct human factors psychological research. Miller has also been re-accepted into this same program for an in-person internship this summer.  

Miller said she has participated in honors research conferences she would not have known about without being involved in the program. One of these conferences, the Kentucky Academy of Sciences (KAS) 2020 Conference, recognized Miller's research project with a third-place award in social sciences. She, along with co-authors Mia Carman (senior psychology major from Crestwood), Vanessa Jones (senior psychology major from Morehead) and Dr. Gregory M. Corso (department chair in MSU's Department of Psychology) collaborated on the research project "Tracking and Different Modality Secondary Task Performance."  

"I felt extremely humbled to be recognized for the hard work my classmates and I put into the research project. It was nice to know that our research was impacting and being heard by others," Miller said. "The positive relationships I have with my professors at MSU definitely contributed to this achievement. Dr. Gregory M. Corso, the faculty advisor for the Human Factors Research Lab and a co-author on the project, works diligently to ensure that all of us in the lab put forth our best work and are provided opportunities to participate in research conferences. Without his dedication to both the research project and the research lab, this achievement may not have been attainable."    

MSU's Academic Honors Program is currently accepting applications this fall for the 2021-22 academic year. For more information, visit, email or call 606-783-2205.