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Power Your Story Summer Journalism Camp to be held June 21- July 2

The Morehead Writing Project at Morehead State University will offer an online summer journalism camp, “Power Your Story,” June 21-July 2.   

Students in eighth grade through graduating seniors will be guided through the process of crafting a long-form news story for publication while developing the comprehensive literacy and communication skills essential for college and professional success. The camp is also open to middle school writers.  

The two-week program will be led by Dr. Deanna Mascle, an English instructor at Morehead State University, and Sarah Webster of Gallatin County Schools. They will provide non-evaluative support for the camp Monday through Friday with a combination of morning meetings, daily writing prompts and activities writers will work on independently, and small group workshops in the afternoon or evening.  

Teen writers will choose an overlooked and misunderstood issue affecting their community and will be guided through the process of crafting a long-form news story for publication. Long-form journalism is a branch of journalism that generates longer and more in-depth articles than the typical news story. Power Your Story can help teens develop new skills, enhance their writing, and add new experiences and demonstrated expertise to their portfolio for college and scholarship applications.  

“Writers who are with us for the full two weeks will have time to develop their projects more fully and craft longer pieces,” Mascle said. “One week of camp will still be a great experience, but I suspect those writers who only attend one week will be sorry to miss out.” Mascle noted that last summer, most students who initially opted in for only one week changed their minds and attended the entire two weeks.  

“We are very excited about the publication opportunities available to our writers,” said Mascle. “The writers who join us will have the opportunity to explore a problem they are passionate about to discover the available solutions, develop their voice and narrative writing style, and share the finished project with an audience. That is a very powerful experience.”  

A MacArthur Foundation grant partially funds the camp, so some scholarships are available. Registration for the camp will include t-shirts and a print anthology as well as a digital publication. The cost for the two-week camp is $150, $80 for one week.   

Students must apply by filling out the application at
For more information, visit   

To explore Morehead State’s Department of English programs, visit, email or call 606-783-9448.