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Morehead State art and design students paint mural at Greenhill Park

A group of five recent graduates from Morehead State’s Department of Art and Design recently painted a mural at the City of Morehead Don Greenhill Park.   

Students who worked on the mural were Madison Anderson from Hagerhill, Abby Caines from Ashland, Nancy Lewis from West Liberty, Sam Neal from Morehead, and Kaylee Thornsberry from West Liberty. All of the student artists graduated in May.   

The mural, “Winged Animals of Kentucky,” depicts the wings of animals indigenous to Kentucky, including a butterfly, honeybee, eagle, cardinal and brown bat. It is painted on the wall at Peggy’s Place in Greenhill Park. Melissa Yungbluth, instructor of art and director of MSU’s Golding-Yang Gallery, said the students chosen for the project were highly skilled artists.  

“These five students were seniors, have top-notch painting and drawing skills and are students that I have worked closely with on other projects, so I knew they would do well with this,” she said.   

Visitors to the part can stand in front of the wings to take photos. Those who take pictures in front of the mural are encouraged to share them on social media using the hashtag #moreheadwings.   

Yungbluth said Morehead Mayor Laura White-Brown and the City Council approached her to have students create the mural.   

“City Park seemed the kind of place where an interactive mural would do well. I have seen other ones in the past that were butterfly, bird and faerie wings. Animals of Kentucky popped in my head and it seemed like a good spin on the wings concept,” Yungbluth said.   

Paint for the project was donated by Big 4 Lumber in Morehead.   

To learn more about MSU’s Department of Art and Design programs, visit, email or call 606-783-2766.
Photos courtesy of Melissa Yungbluth