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Shi’s research on healthcare finance takes novel approach, earns recognition

Dr. Bo ShiOne member of Morehead State's faculty is gaining recognition for her research exploring the different facets of healthcare finance.  

Associate Professor of Finance Dr. Bo Shi has researched healthcare quality measures, the financial management of healthcare providers and insurers, the interrelationship between providers and insurers, and the provider and insurance markets. She recently published an article she co-authored, "On the financial superiority of Medicaid specialist insurers: a novel transactions cost/supply chain approach," appear in "The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice." The paper is co-authored by Dr. Etti G. Baranoff from Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Thomas W. Sager from the University of Texas, Austin and Dr. Dalit Baranoff from Johns Hopkins University. The method Shi and her colleagues used in their research is unique because they used a model that treats insurance consumers as products on the supply chain, and she said her team did face challenges in implementing the model.  

"It's always challenging to introduce a concept, a theory, an empirical method never used in a field," Shi said. The approach is originated from our previous research treating insurance products underwritten by health insurance companies as a product portfolio. The challenge comes from the adaption of the supply chain concepts to the healthcare service delivery process."  

Shi's research efforts are important because they could provide a more efficient model for private healthcare providers.   

"The difference observed has strong healthcare policy implications and may encourage the adoption of Medicaid managed care practice. If insurance companies may deliver healthcare services for Medicaid beneficiaries more efficiently under the contract with the state government, this could be a better model to follow for other insurance coverage. It may ultimately improve efficiency of the healthcare delivery system and contain healthcare costs," Shi said.  

Another of Shi's papers, "Relationship of Hospital Star Ratings to Race, Education, and Community Income," recently received the Journal of Hospital Medicine's Most Influential Paper Award. In it, Shi and her co-authors, Dr. Christopher King and Dr. Sean Shenghsiu Huang from the Department of Health Systems Administration at Georgetown University explore the associations between the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services hospitality star ratings and community characteristics, including racial/ethnic mix, household income, educational attainment, and regional difference.  

To learn more about Shi’s research contact her at or 606-783-2475. 

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