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Green Dot bystander intervention program launched at MSU

A program designed to train students, faculty, and staff to engage in proactive behaviors to prevent sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence was launched this semester at Morehead State.

The Green Dot Program is an evidence-based violence prevention program that focuses on bystander intervention. In January of 2021, Alissa Rookard, MSU alumna, and Megan Cox, both from Pathways Inc. Victim Services approached MSU about implementing the Green Dot Program on campus.  

Five MSU faculty and staff members completed Green Dot facilitator training in January. Training sessions and back-to-school events have been offered and more than 50 faculty and staff attended overview sessions this summer. Plans are underway to provide training to students in the fall.   

“Many of us know when something does not look right, but we are unsure of how to intervene. Green Dot provides practical options for people in that space: direct action, delegation, or distraction,” said Becky Davison, instructor of social work and social work program director. “This means that everyone can do something to make our campus a safer place, even if it is just asking someone if they are okay. The idea is that if everyone does something small, it will add up to a big change across our campus. This approach feels empowering and inclusive.”  

The original Green Dot program was developed in the college setting to prevent dating violence, sexual violence, and stalking. It relies on the idea that accepting individual responsibility and taking action when one sees violent acts being committed results in a safe campus culture that is intolerant of violence.   

For more information, visit, email or call 606-783-2446.