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MSU Anthropology Professor Dr. Tim Hare publishes research on Mayan ruins and Yucatan Peninsula

Timothy Hare Book CoverDr. Timothy Hare, associate professor of anthropology at Morehead State University, published a new book centered around his extensive work in Mayan ruins and the Yucatan Peninsula. The book is titled "Settlement, Economy, and Society at Mayapán, Yucatan, Mexico," and was published by the University of Pittsburgh Center for Comparative Archeology. The authors (Hare, Marilyn Masson, Carlos Peraza Lope and Bradley Russell) were participants in the Proyecto Económico de Mayapán (PEMY) from 2001 to 2009.  

Hare's extensive research resulted in detailed studies of settlement and comparisons of household wealth, health and activities that characterized daily urban life at the Postclassic Maya capital city of Mayapán (A.D. 1150-1450) in Yucatan, Mexico.   

Timothy Hare Archaeological Team Picture"My colleagues and I have been working at Mayapán for 20 years and this is the biggest collection of our accomplishments yet," Hare said. "The ancient city of Mayapán is a unique example of preindustrial urbanism and we are proud to be contributing to the understanding of how human societies shifted to urban communities."  

Hare also said this extensive research has been extremely beneficial to his students in the classroom and in the field. 

“I have involved many students in my research over the last 20 years,” he said. “I’ve taken five Craft Academy students to Mexico in recent (pre-pandemic) years. Many students indirectly benefit from my skills, knowledge and data developed and accumulated through all this work.” 

Hare has been with MSU since 2003. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 1991 and a Master of Arts in Economic Anthropology in 1993, both from the University of Iowa, and a Ph.D. in Anthropology in 2001 from the University of Albany. Hare's prior work has also appeared in Latin American Antiquity and Anthropos.  

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Photo: Associate Professor of Anthropology Dr. Timothy Hare (far right) and his team of archaeological surveyors in the forests of the Yucatan Peninsula in 2015.