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Kaitlyn Rose’s college dreams were achievable thanks to MSU’s financial aid and scholarships

MSU student Kaitlyn Rose always knew education, at any level, is something that has value.  

"I come from a family of educators. So, I grew up knowing how important education can be," Rose said.   

Growing up in Wolfe County, Rose came from a middle-class background as the youngest of two. She knew once her parents were paying for her older sister to attend college, the thought of attending college herself seemed less and less likely without financial assistance.  

"This, I remember, was a scary thing for me, as I never wanted to put a strain on my family in order to provide me an education. I was aware that not only were there costs just to attend college, but there were a number of other extra expenses as well," Rose said. "My awareness of what financial obligations were coming are what really motivated me to do my research and figure out what financial support I could get locally, federally and from whatever university I attended. I knew that finding that financial security was going to really play a part in my success in college."  

Rose had her sights set on earning a degree related to health due to her passion for the field and her desire to give back to her community. After connecting with Morehead State University staff during a recruiting visit at her high school, she knew she wanted to attend MSU for its quality education, accepting community, and professional and philanthropic opportunities.  

"It was almost hard to believe that there was a school that had all of these qualities but was still affordable," she said. "I knew once that counselor left that day that my mind was made up: MSU was going to be where I pursue an education and future for myself."  

When it came time to discuss the costs of attending MSU, Rose said her visit and interactions with the Office of Financial Aid helped her understand expenses and loans, allowing her to leave feeling reassured and educated on those topics.   

Denise Trusty, director of MSU's Office of Financial Aid, said Rose is among many prospective students who see the cost of college as a significant barrier.  

"Many factors can give families the perception that college is not affordable. On a daily basis, we assist families in various situations such as families raising additional children, single parent or single-income families, grandparents raising children, etc.," Trusty said. "With the struggles of today, it is easy to see how parents may assume they cannot afford to send their students to college, but we encourage them to allow us the opportunity to work with them to prepare an individual award package."   

In addition to receiving scholarships from her local community and federal funding, Rose was also the recipient of multiple MSU scholarships, including the Commonwealth Scholarship, the Alumni Scholarship and the Herron Leadership Scholars Scholarship. This assistance has empowered the senior to work toward a bachelor's degree in exercise science with aspirations to earn a doctorate in physical therapy.  

"These scholarships have provided me with enough funding to support me and cover my costs throughout my entirety at college. They alleviated a lot of the stress and burden of having to take out loans, work multiple jobs, and rely on my family to support me," Rose said. "There are not enough words to be able to express the gratitude I have for this financial support, because without it, I most likely would have been able to apply to graduate programs, be involved in campus organizations or even attend college."  

Trusty said that with 94% of undergraduate students receiving some form of financial aid or scholarships, becoming an Eagle can be surprisingly within reach.  

"Many prospective students are pleased to hear that the real cost of attending Morehead State University is less than they anticipated," Trusty said. "We are fortunate to say that MSU has several sources of financial aid available to help students who may think they cannot afford college with the opportunity to attend. We are grateful to our donors who choose to support our students by providing scholarship opportunities."  

Rose has gone from visiting the Office of Financial Aid as a prospective student to working in the office as a student. She received help from the experienced and knowledgeable staff and now, she gets to help fellow students make those dreams of a college education a reality.  

"I think all students should just take the first step and reach out to their counselor or the Office of Financial Aid, set up an appointment and take advantage of all the information there is to give," she said. "There is never such a thing as asking too many questions when it comes to your college career. Every student deserves to be informed and educated on all resources that could be available to them. I know MSU wants to be able to help and provide for as many students as they can." 

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MSU offers a variety of scholarships based on academic excellence, financial need, geographic location, major and more. For more information about scholarships and financial aid visit or contact MSU’s Office of Financial Aid, at or 606-783-2011. Be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have your results sent to MSU (FAFSA Code: 001976).