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MSU education instructor Dr. Sabrina Little speaks at Oxford University on character formation

Dr. Sabrina Little PictureDr. Sabrina Little, instructor of education for the Department of Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education at Morehead State University, was invited to give a public lecture at Oxford University in England.   

Little was invited to speak for The Oxford Character Project on Oct. 28 based on her article “The Trivium: Revisiting Ancient Strategies for Character Formation,” published in the Journal of Character Education earlier this year. Little said she spoke on classical strategies for virtue acquisition, specifically “how moral exemplars can be employed in a developmentally sensitive way, to mature a learner to develop a good character without compromising their agency.”   

“It was special to be invited, especially as a professor at a small school. It reminds me that I am part of a tradition of scholarship that extends beyond Morehead,” she said. “Having the opportunity to talk about my work sharpens me and calls me to a higher standard, and any time I am in the company of other researchers who do similar work, I come away refined by the discussions and excited by new ideas.”  

Little has been an instructor for MSU since 2018. She studied philosophy and religion at Yale Divinity School and philosophy and psychology at The College of William and Mary before earning a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Baylor University in 2020. Her main areas of interest are moral psychology, ancient philosophy and virtue ethics.  

Dr. Sabrina Little can be reached at  

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