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MSU Delta Tau Delta chapter raises most money in chapter’s history for juvenile diabetes research

Delta Tau Delta JRDF Donation PictureThe Zeta Zeta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta (DTD) at Morehead State University always organizes an annual effort to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). During the fall 2021 semester, members of DTD combine their efforts to make the largest donation to JDRF in the chapter's history, raising more than $5,000.  

Dr. Darrin DeMoss (Class of 1989, 1991), professor of biology, faculty athletics representative and DTD chapter advisor, said there were several reasons DTD was so successful at raising money for JDRF this year. In addition to setting a target amount for all members to hit, he said chapter members also maximized its use of social media to bring in more donations.  

"I think we had the greatest buy-in we ever had. It wasn't just, 'well, OK, I'm going to make this little donation myself,'" DeMoss said. "This year is the best we've ever done."  

Blake McKibben, a sophomore from Flemingsburg, recruitment chair and former philanthropy chair for DTD, said increasing his knowledge of the effects of juvenile diabetes and the work JDRF does to help those impacted by the disease helps put DTD's philanthropic efforts into perspective.  

"What we are doing is a big step to help these kids get what they need and get the cure that they also need."  

In addition to being aware of the broad impact JDRF has, Cody Hammonds, a senior from Lovely and president of DTD, said having a fraternity brother in his chapter with Type I Diabetes and learning about his experience only motivated him and his brothers to make a difference.  

"I didn't think of it as a serious thing until I realized there is no cure. It's something you deal with for your entire life," Hammonds said. "As the years have gone one, it has meant more because we are putting money toward a good cause because I see how it affects the people that surround you."  

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Photo: Members of the Zeta Zeta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta at MSU used its annual philanthropy event to raise more than $5,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the largest amount in the chapter's history.