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Young adult author Dr. Chea Parton to present about rural settings

Dr. Chea PartonA renowned scholar and writer of young adult (YA) fiction is giving a virtual talk on the importance of where a story takes place for MSU students on Wednesday, Jan. 26, at 4 p.m. via WebEx. 

Dr. Chea Parton, assistant professor of instruction at the University of Texas at Austin and a YA author, will give a talk titled "It's More Than Setting: Reading Place in Rural Young Adult Literature." Parton will discuss YA texts that feature rural settings and challenge rural stereotypes.  

"During this talk Chea Parton will explore place and rurality - how we define it; how it shapes the way we navigate the world; and how the world sees us,” said Dr. Sylvia Henneberg, interim associate dean of the School of English, Communication, Media and Languages at MSU. “After using place and rurality as lenses for reading, she will discuss implications for our lives as readers, writers, and teachers.” 

To participate in the event, join Henneberg's WebEx room at For more information, email her at  

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