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Craft Academy launches Center for STEM+eXcellence

A girl soldering a piece of hardwareThe Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics at Morehead State is expanding its efforts to provide STEM+X learning opportunities for Kentucky students with the launch of the Center for STEM+eXcellence. 

The Center for STEM+eXcellence will offer informal STEM+X education opportunities for Kentucky students in grades K-12. Programs are offered during the summer and throughout the year. The center is funded by a Kentucky Department of Education grant through federal COVID-19 relief funds.  

The Center for STEM+eXcellence programs are created and implemented by educators in public schools and universities across the state. All programs will be held on MSU's campus and fully supported by the Center for STEM+eXcellence. Jen Carter, director of the Center for Stem+eXcellence, said the center will allow teachers to address the needs of their students.  

"There are so many amazing educators who have their own ideas based on the curriculum that they teach in the schools, they know exactly what kids need right now, and that's who we want to bring in and deliver programs," she said.  

The center provides wrap-around services for educators to implement their program ideas. These services include but are not limited to:  
  • Full financial support and management  
  • Media support  
  • Public outreach and recruitment of students  
  • Program management  
  • Curriculum alignment  
  • Supply and equipment ordering  
  • Assessment instrument design  
  • On-campus in-class support by way of assistants and interns  
  • Lodging, meals, transportation for educators and participants  
  • Printing  
  • Activity and event planning  
Carter said the center will help fill educational gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing informal, hands-on learning experiences. She added the goal of the center is to remove barriers so that educators can have the time and resources they need to provide an enhanced curriculum to their students.   

"I think that the Center for STEM+eXcellence is going to allow educators who are passionate about what they do to be creative and fulfill that creative potential to develop programs and deliver content that is really meaningful and impactful for their students," Carter said.   

Educators interested in taking advantage of the center's resources should fill out the form at  

To learn more about the Center for STEM+eXcellence, visit or contact Carter at or 606-783-5426.