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MSU faculty and staff compete in annual Suit Bank Showdown

Suit Bank 2022 Winners PictureOne of the most popular services offered by Morehead State University's Office of Career Services is the free Suit Bank, which provides business apparel to students and alumni at no charge. Once again, MSU faculty and staff are doing their part to build it up.  

To contribute to this service, Career Services created its annual Suit Bank Showdown, a friendly competition allowing teams of faculty and staff to see which team can donate the most business-professional clothing to the Suit Bank.   

The competition took place during November and early December 2021. MSU faculty and staff donated new or used business attire for the competition, and an assigned number of points is given to each type of garment. The Office of Regional Education and Outreach won the 2021 Suit Bank Showdown. Other participants include Camden-Carroll Library; Department of Art & Design; Department of Kinesiology, Health & Imaging Sciences; Division of Student Affairs; Department of History, Philosophy, Politics, Global Studies and Legal Studies; MSUTeach; Planning, Performance & Effectiveness; School of English, Communication Media and Languages; Elmer R. Smith College of Business & Technology; and the University Store.  

"The suit bank is one of the most widely used services our office provides to MSU students and alumni," said Katie Mattox, career coach for the Office of Career Services. "Everyone who takes advantage of it is so grateful to have access to free professional clothing, and it helps them feel confident that they are able to look their best and make a positive impression as they enter the professional world."   

Donations are welcome at any time and can be dropped off at the Office of Career Services, located on the ground floor of the Camden-Carroll Library. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Donations to the Suit Bank are tax-deductible.   

For more information about the Office of Career Services, call 606-783-2233, email or visit   

Photo: MSU’s Office of Regional Education and Outreach were the winners of MSU's Office of Career Services 2021 Suit Bank Showdown.