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MSU establishes new Center for Career Development and Experiential Education

Morehead State University is taking another step to ensure the academic experience in and out of the classroom will put students closer to future success.  

MSU announces the establishment of the new Center for Career Development and Experiential Education. It is a merger of existing departments, including Career Services, Undergraduate Research, Education Abroad, Service-Learning, and Internships. The center will serve as the central resource for a career-centered campus culture that actively engages every student in achieving their personal and professional goals.   

"I am eager to lead this talented team in building even more opportunities for our students to complement what they are learning in the classroom with professional practice and hands-on experience," said Megan Boone, interim director of the Center for Career Development and Experiential Education. "We want all Eagles to be set up for career success."  

The Center for Career Development and Experiential Education's mission is to guide and support all MSU students to explore their strengths and passions, engage in career-readiness activities and participate in hands-on experiences to develop in-demand skills. It will cultivate a network of faculty, staff, alumni, employers and community partners to facilitate connections and opportunities focused on the lifelong success of our students and alumni.  

“The formation of the new Center for Career Development and Experiential Education represents yet another of MSU’s investments in our students’ career readiness,” said Dr. Laurie Couch, associate provost for undergraduate education and student success. “The center will support our faculty as they engage students in transformational, skill-building activities that build skills like oral and written communication, critical thinking, teamwork and professionalism. The center also will help students learn to capitalize on those experiences to enhance their competitiveness in the job market.” 

The center also emphasizes these core values:  

  • Equity – Providing an inclusive environment where opportunities are designed for all students, emphasizing diverse perspectives and underrepresented groups.  
  • Service-oriented – Guiding a student-focused team of professionals to exceed the expectations of our partners through communication and collaboration.  
  • Growth mentality – Innovating continuously by designing programs and services to serve our constituents best using data-informed practices.   
  • Resiliency – Promoting self-development focused on overcoming challenges throughout one's career journey.  
  • The center will support faculty participating in Level UP, an initiative to ensure students opportunities to engage in hands-on classroom experiences to prepare them for success while completing courses that build students' communication, professionalism, critical thinking and teamwork skills.   

“Much in line with our Level UP initiative, the center will provide a support system to develop more intentional and degree embedded experiential learning opportunities for our students to enhance their career readiness,” said Dr. Antony Norman, provost and vice president for academic affairs. “The center will serve as visible ‘hub’ for students looking for career preparation support, for faculty seeking to develop or connect students to experiential learning opportunities, and potential employers who have internships and other career building experiences to offer.” 

To learn more about the Level UP Program at MSU, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Education & Student Success at or visit  

For more information on the Center for Career Development and Experiential Education, visit, email or call 606-783-2233.