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Winners of 2021 Experiential Education Awards announced at Celebration of Student Scholarship

Morehead State University's Office of Career Services has named the 2021 Experiential Education Awards winners. The annual awards honor a student, an employer and a faculty member with exceptional contributions to and investments in career development via experiential education. All students, employers and faculty engaged in experiential education – internships, co-ops, clinicals, practicums and student-teaching – during 2021 were eligible for nomination.    

"As the coordinator of internships at MSU, I am grateful for all the students, faculty and organizations that make internships such a dynamic and impactful experience for all constituents involved," said Rebecca Wright, coordinator of internships. "Research shows how significant an internship is for students, not only in regard to employability but for the development of desirable career skills that they can apply in academic, professional and personal settings."   

2021 Student Intern of the Year: Catrina Craig  

Catrina Craig is a business administration major in the Elmer R. Smith College of Business and Technology. She completed an internship in human resources at Lion, a company that offers products and services designed to ensure the health, safety and performance of first responders and military personnel. Craig helped coordinate the recruitment and training efforts for Lion's expansion of operations in Kentucky.   

2021 Faculty Supervisor of the Year: Marshall Jenkins  

Instructor Marshall Jenkins, an instructor in the Department of Kinesiology, Health and Imaging Sciences, was recognized for his outstanding support of students completing their internships as part of their radiological science education. Jenkins' positive relationships with the clinical internship sites, his accessibility to students throughout their internship experience and his focus on students having the knowledge and confidence to be successful in their internships ensure that students get the most out of this career-ready practice.  

2021 Employer of the Year: Camden-Carroll Library's Special Collections and Archives   

MSU's Camden-Carroll Library's Special Collections and Archives are responsible for acquiring and providing access to information about the cultural history of the Appalachian region of northeastern Kentucky while serving as the institutional memory of the University. This award recognizes Dieter Ullrich, the head of Camden-Carroll Library's Special Collections and Archives, for his impact on MSU's student internships.  

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